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Eyebrow Microblading
Brooklyn . 0 spaces available.

$259.00 Per Person


0 spaces available.
Per Person
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This promotional package is a special price for groups of 4 or more. If we book together we save a ton. To book this service by yourself it would cost over $500 so let's all pay our individual share and SAVE.

Price includes 6D Eyebrow Microblading Consultation, Initial Session, and a Touchup
Permanent makeup—usually used to define or fill in eyelids, eyebrows, and lips—is essentially a tattoo. But in this case, the lines applied to skin are typically designed not to stand out but to blend in. Using a standard tattoo gun—or as with the SofTap method, a special hand-guided tool—a cosmetic technician implants micropigments made from inert minerals just below the surface of the skin. The artist may create a solid wash of color to make lips rosier or lash lines darker, or may carefully draw in individual strands of hair along the brow.

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Hosted by Glitzy Crissy
Hosted by Glitzy Crissy

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